About Us

ABLE EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL INC. (Able Express) has been in the business of providing home remittance to Pakistan through their banking channels.

Since our establishment in 2009, we have been servicing our clients with secure, reliable and efficient remittance methods.

Our primary services include:

a. Funds transfer to Pakistan through banking channels.
b. Sale and purchase of foreign currencies.

We are proud to have a large customer-base of Canadian citizens as well as residents and visitors, who trust our services. In return we always strive to satisfy all our customers and maintain a high standard of quality. We currently Provide Remittance Service all over Pakistan through the banking channels.

Able Express International Inc. is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity. We are determined that our company and everyone associated with us will merit and enjoy the respect and esteem of the public, the business community and government authorities. It is always our desire that all those who conduct business with us must share these common goals. * As a matter of policy Able Express International Inc. does not provide funds transfer services to Non Profit or Charitable organizations.